Geauga County, Ohio, USA

Hambden Township Park



The Hambden Township Park consists of 29.64 acres of land in Geauga County. The park is located on the north side of G.A.R. Highway- across the street from the Hambden Town Hall and Hambden Elementary School. On that land are  4 baseball fields, 4 picnic pavilions, three play areas with swings, sand diggers, wood jungle gyms, tarantula climber, a basketball court, 1.63 miles of walking track and the Veterans Memorial.

In April, 2013 the Hambden Township Trustees submitted and received a Nature Works Grant  to construct the last phase of the walking trail. Up to this point the trail was just under one mile in length. The Park Board continues to add new playground equipment for the young residents of Hambden Township.


Click Here for Pavilion rental form or Here for Park Rules and Regulations.  



For baseball field information - call Mike Romans at (440) 487-3657 





Physical Address: 13860 GAR Highway - Chardon, OH  44024    ------    Mailing Address: 13887 GAR Highway - Chardon, OH  44024

Howitzer, Towed, 105MM, M101A1 Canon. Made in M C L B Albany, GA February, 1898.

Was in Service in: New Guinea, Southern Philippians, Mindanoao, to U.S. with Florida National Guard.

Hambden Township residents are welcome to have their name inscribed on the Veteran's Memorial located in the Hambden Township park upon their demise. There is no charge to have your name or the name of your loved ones engraved on the memorial. Forms may be filled out for those who have passed or any living veteran. Forms for living veteran's will be held until the time of their demise.


Click Here for form. Completed forms should be returned to the town hall.



Memorial bricks surround the Veteran's memorial in the Hambden Township Park. What a great way to honor a deceased member of your family or a permanent memorial with your family name.


Anyone interested in purchasing a brick is welcome to fill out the order form and return it to the town hall with the fee as stated on the form.There are two sizes of bricks available.


All proceeds will be used to fund future park projects.